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  • Are you responsive?  Mobile design is about people, not devices.
  • Short-sightedness might save you money…for now.  Why risk the mobile market share your competitors are already capitalizing on?
  • Fact: 25% of people in the US who browse the Web on smartphones almost never use any other platform.  That’s 25 million people you could be reaching right now.
  • Do you have best mobile web visual design practices? It is important not only to build mobile but to understand it. We can Help.
  • usability + fluidity = happy mobile customers. Make sure you work with a company that can bring your customers the best experience. We Can.
  • Is your Mobile Strategy Clear? Clarity.  Flow.  Intuitiveness.  Optimized performance. Feature detection. Alternative support.
  • They’re already on twitter.  Are you?

iOS. Android. Blackberry. Windows. Yes, even cross-platform. You know a good mobile site when you see it. It’s quick, it’s intuitive, it has “wow” factor. It integrates mobile APIs like orientation and geo-location, maybe it even syncs with your favorite social apps. But it’s not just about fitting to a smaller screen. With touch screens and constantly changing layouts, mobile development requires a completely different approach.

Most importantly, you can’t afford to ignore the mobile market anymore. Ever more prevalent mobile devices have unleashed a whole new paradigm of user capabilities, and with capability, greater expectations. Responsive Web Design from websites they visit and apps they download is absolutely a must have, all from the convenience of a smart phone or tablet.

One of the things those new to mobile development often overlook: design for the user, not the device. This is where context, content, visual considerations, and overall functionality come into play – it’s not about what the designer wants to design, it’s about what the user wants to use. But how do you know your user? Case in point: first ask an engineer and then ask a 5th grader what they want most from a mobile app. “Not the same demographic,” you say? Guess again. They’re both going to see your mobile design – which makes them both users – and they’re both going to have something to say about it. Why not design for both? The crew at Data Masonry brings you function, and makes it fun – so you can hit both targets at the same time.