Software Development



Those in the know recognize that software development isn’t just about code anymore. True software development encompasses market research, feasibility, distribution, feature analysis, and various other buzzwords that can make or break your application! So why leave it up to someone who just “does code” when you can rest assured that the professionals at Data Masonry can deliver what you really want: an entire information system that does everything you need, that suits your business and your budget.

Our team of certified professionals make sure you get exactly what you want by engaging you, the client, as much or as little as you demand every step of the way. Inventory tracking? Database development or POS deployment? Complete systems overhaul? Let us show you a better, easier way!

Starting with the planning stage, Data Masonry architects delve deep to understand the nuances of your business and how it operates on a day-to-day basis. This often leads to members of staff highlighting areas of the workflow process that they feel could be improved.

We take this on board, listening to the management team and your users, adding our own suggestions as we go. We then articulate this in writing along with a prototype of a new system that will consolidate everything into one central system. This prototyping exercise helps you visualize how the system will look and feel, even at this early design stage.


When we develop your application, we demonstrate it as we go until it is released and in operation. It will be tailored specifically to match your unique process, unlike off-the-shelf packaged software that limits you to its industry standard, vanilla offering. You choose the information you store and how you use that to satisfy your clients’ needs.

All businesses change, whether it is due to growth, restructuring or responding to market trends. Workflow processes shift to reflect change and so must your supporting software systems. So we design and build software to make this easier, advising and guiding you every step of the way as a trusted, long-term partner.